HFL has a manufacturing unit at post and village Rudraram, Snagareddy Mandal, Medak district,Telangana state. The main products manufactured by HFL are CFM-22 (chloro Fluoro Methane Gas (R-22)), TFE  (Tetra Fluoro Ethylene), PTFE  (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene). The major raw materials consumed are Chloroform   &   AHF (Anhydro Fluoric Acid).
CFM-22(R-22) is mainly used as refrigerant gas.
PTFE is a versatile engineering plastic PTFE is having outstanding properties such as chemical stability inertness along with low coefficient of fraction and outstanding electrical insulating and dio electrical properties, hence used for automobile industries, mechanical seal, packing for hydrolic pump spares and etc.
TFE is used as a main precursor to manufacture of series of fluoro Speciality chemicals.