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Hindustan Flurocarbons Limited (HFL) the first and only manufacturer of Polytetrafluoethylene (PTFE)-an Engineering plastic in India with know how from AOCHEM,France. HFL is promoted by Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd.The Space setter in Organic Chemicals.PTFE is marketed under the brand name HIFLON.HFL manufactures various HIFLON grades suited for different manufacturing processes and application.HFL believes in TOTAL QUALITY.HIFLON is used extensively in Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical and Chemical industries due to its unique characteristics.


HIFLON MM2 powder is excellent lubricant additive fro specialized oils and greases designed for conditions / systems where conventional additives such as graphite molybdenum disulphide are unsuitable. Other applications include lubrication at low temperatures in corrosive conditions where cleanliness is demanded and non-stick properties are required.



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